Eternal Classics-Classical Designs in 20th Century

In the watch field, there are also some classics. They gained the fame with breaking skills. So here we take a look at two watches that have been popular and is fancied by the celebrities in the world.

1910’s Cartier Tank
Cartier tank was born in 1917 and designers got inspired by the French Tank. Then the Louis Cartier got inspiration from FT-17, a French Tank, and then brought the square case to the design. Two vertical lug represents the caterpillar while the case represents the tank itself. It is a jewelry watch as well as the one that wears comfortable. What’s more, it also started the new style in designing the watch. 100 years has passed since it was created. Within the 100 years, Tank has experienced tons of the changes, and many derivatives were created. in the eve of second world war in 1938, Paenrai, in response to the Italian Navy, developed the Radiomir for Italian navy commando. Many features remains, such as the 47mm case, luminous marks and time indexes, automatic winding movement, and water-proof belt.

Omega Speedmaster
The first Omega Speedmaster come to exist in 1957. In 1969, when the astronaut landed on the moon, he had an Omega Speedmaster. Since 1957, Omega Speedmaster has rare changes on the case. AS it is much more complicated than others, preparing components will cost 14 months, and it takes 80 processes to assemble the base. In 1962, NASA prepared for Apollo mission, and brought different watches for testing, and only Omega Speedmaster can survive the test. Since then, Omega is closed connected with astronaut, from the Gemini to Apollo, from the space lab to the space shuttle. Until now, it is still the only one watch that had landed on the earth and the only one watch that is appointed officially for astronaut.