Black Cat Cosplay: Buying Guide

Black Cat Cosplay Buying Guide

Get the necessary bits and bobs for your Black Cat Cosplay!

You’d like to play Spider-Man. The daughter of the notorious cat burglar, Walter Hardy, Black Cat was born and raised to a life of theft and eventually adopted her father’s profession. This guide is intended for those who want to make an impressive Black Cat Cosplay.

Who is the Black Cat?

Felicia Hardy was Black Cat’s real surname. She was only able to assume her character after several successful heists. Her father instilled in her the belief that she should never settle for second-best. This compelled her to go through a rigorous training and seek revenge on the person who assaulted her during her freshman year. Unfortunately, the man died in a crash while drunk driving, denying her the opportunity to claim his life.

Uncertain about her future and her future, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and become an expert cat burglar. With her success as a thief, she took the identity of Black Cat. This would allow her to release her father from jail. That night was also the night she met Spider-Man. This began a long series of interconnected affairs which led her to becoming a friend, foe and lover.

How do you look like Black Cat

Black Cat is known for her platinum blonde hair. The character is frequently depicted as straight and long. Ever since she was introduced in the Marvel Universe, she rarely tie her hair, and instead let it fall down. Modern animations and games have experimented with her hairstyles, ranging from a bob that is short to a longer ponytail.

For her Black Cat identity, she wears a mask made of frames that are thin and also has eyes of green. Wearing contact lenses is an excellent way to achieve her cat-like appearance. It is also possible to apply an eyeliner that is winged (or cat eyeliner), to your upper eyelids, and a hint shadow that is dark.

Black Cat Cosplay Buying Guide

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The footwear is attached to her bodysuit, however in certain versions, she is wearing white shoes with frills. Also, she has her claws on her hands.

Her mask has been subject to many modifications. It can be anything from the thinly framed to a masquerade mask with blak cats ears attached to her head. These types of masks are easy to make at home using eva foam and other materials. This tutorial will show how to make cosplay masks.